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Re: Happy Martin Luther King Day

These words are just as releavant now as they were when Dr. King first spoke them.

Re: Sly Guy Cigar Smokers

I love a good cigar and have a couple every week.

My current favorites:

Undercrown Gran Toro
La Imperiosa Magico
Nat Sherman Timeless 556 (Nicaraguan)

Re: Happy Martin Luther King Day

If only we could ALL live by his words and principles. There are too many folks that just don't get it.

Re: Happy Martin Luther King Day

Great post, Big Ken. Plenty to be thankful for because of a great man.

Re: Show us your beard!

Quote from: Lew on January 13, 2017, 07:07:24 AM
I'm working on growing out my goatee.  I never wore any facial hair until last year so this is most...


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