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Re: Nervous about the big reveal

Welcome , if you like the feel and look of a shaved head keep it. It looks good on you and it's your head. Give it 30 days and see how it goes.

Re: Nervous about the big reveal

What's not to like.  Keep it smooth, ditch and beanie and show it with pride and confidence.  It is your decision and your hairstyle.  Others are p...

Nervous about the big reveal

Hey Guys,

Just stumbled upon this great site. Very cool.

So, here goes my story. I have a ton of blond hair. It is a mess. Or should I say it was a m...

Re: Could I Pull Off The Bald Look?

I see no reason you could not pull off the sly look.  But you do still have a lot of hair, so I  think you still have some time left with hair if y...

Re: Haven't felt this confident in a long time

Welcome to the board and thanks for your service.  I am glad it is giving you confidence, but not surprised.  We get that comment often.


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