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Re: Have you ever convinced/persuaded others to shave their head?

One of my mates is very thin on top and recently had a short buzz.  I said it looked good and the next step is just shorter and smoother.  I think ...

Re: Epic Beard Again?

Go for it.  It is an amazing beard now.  I will stick with my goatee salt and pepper and all.

Re: Show us your beard! Re: Moustache or Goatee for Walter White costume

Ever since going sly, I've had so many comments that I look like Walter. Ha
I tell them that he looks like me.

Re: Epic Beard Again?

Epic!!!! Epic is the way to go!!!


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Help with Hair Loss and Head Shaving

Tim Tarver - A shiny head and a brilliant soccer ball

Tim Tarver is one of those people that I love to learn about. In watching a TV program and seeing a problem he decided to come up with a simple solution that has an AMAZING impact on the world, from our own backyard to the playgrounds of Africa, Afghanistan, and beyond.

Looking at Tim's picture to the right, alongside singer Sting, you might think he's your average bald guy that got the opportunity to take a picture with a really cool singer. Though, when you watch the video below you'll...

Sly Bald Guys will be at ForumCon 2014

Hey guys and gals! If you've ever wanted to meet me, Tyler, or learn more about the inner workings of Sly Bald Guys, you can attend ForumCon this June 19th, 2014.

I have been asked to join a panel on forums as the relate to mobile browsing. I'm excited to be on this panel as it has encouraged me to look at how I can improve the mobile experience for Sly Bald Guys, especially on the forum.

Since 2006, Sly Bald Guys has been using the Simple Machines Forum as the platform that allows ev...

DE Safety Razor Head Shaving is Becoming More Popular

One of the fastest growing segments of the head shaving industry that I'm seeing is Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor shaving. The guys that are shaving with DE razors are loving the nostalgia of using a razor that their grandfather used.

Along with adopting the Safety Razor, many head shavers are also purchasing a shaving brush and shaving mug to lather up their shaving cream. From what the guys say in many of the safety razor shaving threads is that using a shaving brush really helps wi...

Why men struggle so much with going bald

In running Sly Bald Guys since 2006 I've come to learn quite a bit about men and their struggle with going bald. We've had thousands of guys post up on the forum asking for help with their struggle and they regardless if they are young or old, straight or gay, or what race they are, it all usually boils down to one thing - believing they won't be attractive anymore.

Continue reading "Why men struggle so much with going bald"

Help With Going Bald | Hair Loss Advice

The main reason that Sly Bald Guys was started was to help guys that are going bald and to provide them with advice regarding hair loss. Though, I didn't just want to provide advice, I wanted to provide the TRUTH about what men were really struggling with and how to overcome it.

One of the first things that many men think when they realize that they are starting to lose their hair is, "what can I do to get may hair back?" It's natural. We, as humans, hate loss. We want to prevent it an...