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Re: I shaved my head again

Usted parece muy guapo completamente calvo.  Debe continuar afeitarse la cabeza.

You look really good completely bald.  You should continue shaving ...

Re: I really need help. I feel horrible about myself and my life right now.

Quote from: Tyler on August 19, 2017, 09:41:03 PMOne thing to know, is that by shaving your head you're no longer the balding guy. You're now the g...

Re: I shaved my head again

A little more than three weeks

Eclipse observations

I live south of Charlotte, NC, so just north of the path of the total eclipse of the sun.  Most of the office went home this afternoon to view/obse...

Re: Honest opinions please

Quote from: Kimak on Today at 12:07:25 PMWell, since nobody answered thats means that I probably do have.. oh sh*t.. 

Scaphocephaly , don't think s...


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